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Virtual and in person 1:1 Eating Disorder Nutrition & Psychotherapy services in Ohio to help you recover on your own terms.

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Picture yourself living free from an eating disorder and feeling whole inside.

Recovery is possible

At The Intuitive Eating Center of Ohio, we’re dedicated to helping you recover from eating disorders and find peace with food. Imagine feeling at ease with your body, enjoying meals without anxiety, and breaking free from disordered eating patterns for good.

Eating disorder services we offer:

Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapy

Eating Disorder Psychotherapy

The Intuitive Eating Center of is currently in-network with:

  • Medical Mutual of Ohio (Therapists and Dietitians)

  • Cigna (Dietitians Only)

  • United Healthcare (Therapists Only)

With eating disorder nutrition & psychotherapy services you will...

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Feel comfortable eating with friends & family

Experience the joy of sharing meals with loved ones without fear, shame, or anxiety, and rediscover the pleasure of social connections over food.
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Look in the mirror and feel body acceptance

Reach a point where you can see yourself in the mirror and genuinely feel love and acceptance for your body, embracing its uniqueness and strength.
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Live free from the voice of your eating disorder

Silence the relentless, critical voice of your eating disorder, replacing it with self-compassion and inner peace, allowing you to live a life not controlled by food.

Embrace the ups and downs of recovery, knowing that healing is within reach and you are stronger than any setback.

About the Intuitive Eating Center of Ohio

Whether you're struggling with an eating disorder or simply feel trapped in the cycle of dieting, we're here to help you find peace.
At the Intuitive Eating Center of Northeast Ohio, we offer a weight-inclusive approach that focuses on your overall well-being, not just the number on the scale. Our compassionate team combines evidence-based treatments with body acceptance principles to address the root causes of your food struggles.
We'll work together to develop a personalized plan that honors your unique needs and helps you rediscover the joy of eating.

Because you deserve to feel at home in your body and at peace with food -

let us show you how.

Client testimonials

What clients are saying

Read some of their amazing stories here!


Kristen is awesome! It was really hard to find and RD that understands intuitive eating and is local to the Cleveland area. If you are in recovery from diet culture and want to find a way to have a positive relationship with food and your body, Kristen is a great fit!


After struggling more than a decade with disordered eating, I began to think recovery wasn’t possible for me. I am so grateful I took the chance of working with The Intuitive Eating Center. The team is unbelievably knowledgeable, compassionate, and relatable and I owe a lot of thanks to them for helping me finally move past that part of my life.


I have been working with Kristen for almost 5 years and the work has been nothing short of life changing. For years, I had negative associations with food and my body. Working with Kristen has brought me peace and brought me to a neutral place with both. This has impacted me in a positive way and has made an impact on how my children view food and their own bodies. My only wish is that I had started with her sooner!

What you can expect

Compassionate, Non-Judgmental Care

You’ll get a personalized plan that fits your unique needs—no cookie-cutter solutions. We’re here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Customized approach, no cookie cutter plans here

You will get personalized nutrition support that fits you perfectly—no one-size-fits-all plans here.

Experienced and Dedicated Professionals

Our team is passionate about helping you succeed. With years of specialized training and experience, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey to food freedom.

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How it all works

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Fill out & submit inquiry form

To get started, just fill out the form on our contact page (after reviewing our FAQs, of course). We will then email you with some options that will best fit your nutrition and therapy needs.
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Initial Session

During our first session, we will get to know each other and review your health history, relationship with food, past experiences with diets, and discuss what working together will look like moving forward.
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Attend Follow-up Sessions

During our follow-up sessions, we will check in on how things are going and find personalized ways to continue to support you.

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